Child Custody and Child Support

Child Custody and Child Support

When filing for divorce, parents want to protect their relationship with their children. At the Law Office of Melanie Soloman, PLLC, Attorney Soloman focuses on every area involving children of divorce, including child custody, child support, and parenting time (formerly referred to as visitation). I know that divorce can be difficult, and I want to ensure that you continue to have a nurturing relationship with your children. I am dedicated to providing each and every client with quality representation when it comes to child custody matters.

As a child support/custody lawyer, I have vast experience in divorce mediation and other areas to ensure that parents remain in the lives of their children. We focus on several areas of service to help parents remain civil and focus their efforts principally on their children.

As part of my firm’s child support/custody services, I focus on helping parents develop comprehensive parenting plans. Having a comprehensive parenting time plan that serves the parent’s and children’s wants and needs is essential. Attorney Soloman has vast experience in litigation of child custody, child support and parenting time.  Every option with be thoroughly explained to you, helping you to understand your child custody options and configuring the right plan for your family.

When it comes to existing custody orders, parenting plans or judgments, I can help. As a child custody/support attorney, I can help you to modify existing judgment in your favor. Work changes or other needs may require agreements to be changed over time to ensure the child spends equal time with each parent.

Legal Custody

In Worcester County, Massachusetts, legal custody is defined as involving both parents in major decisions involving the welfare of the child including education matters, medical care, emotional, moral and religious development. During a temporary order for a divorce case, parents who are married will have shared legal custody of the child unless the judge deems a different decision is needed to stay in the best interest of the children.

If you are involved in a relationship where the child may not be safe with the other parent, legal action needs to be taken. At the law office of Melanie Soloman, PLLC, we can help. We will focus our efforts or seeking full custody for your child, taking the proper time for discovery to prove your case.

Child Support

Another element of divorce involving children is child support. As a LAR attorney family law attorney, we have vast experience in handling child support cases. Proper representation is needed to ensure you are paying a fair amount of child support or receiving a fair amount based on your divorce situation. Our service options include calculating child support based on income requirements and needs as well as working with expert witnesses to configure the income needed for child support services.

When it comes to unpaid child support, we can assist in negotiating and seeking child support based on unpaid payments. We can work with the Department of Revenue as well as other resources to be able to ensure that the child support agreements are upheld, and you receive the monies owed to you to support your child.

When it comes to child support and child custody, we can help. Our attorneys are experienced in family law as well as divorce proceedings, able to work with your needs involving child custody and support agreements.