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DUI lawyer in Framingham MA

DUI Lawyer in Framingham, MA

Attorney Soloman is an experienced DUI lawyer serving Framingham Massachusetts. Driving a vehicle is a responsibility, not a right. Many times authorities can get it wrong and falsely charge you for dui. There are many instances where we find technicalities that will reduce or even drop charges against dui clients falsely accused and charged. When the legal process breaks down, we can assist in defending you and your rights. If you believe this has happened to you, it’s important to find a DUI lawyer in Framingham, MA to help you defend your charges. Contact Us Today for a Case Evaluation! (508)-808-4944.

With a strong foundation from Harvard University and the Massachusetts School of Law, Melanie Soloman is the kind of skilled DUI {“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:0,”srcClientId”:”31c95930-8e98-4ba0-992b-a4577bd77aa6″,”srcRootClientId”:””}lawyer {“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:0,”srcClientId”:”31c95930-8e98-4ba0-992b-a4577bd77aa6″,”srcRootClientId”:””}who fights for her clients’ rights tirelessly. She’s been serving the area of Framingham, MA for over a decade and is dedicated to providing her clients with only the best in legal care. Whether you believe your potential case to be large or small, Attorney Soloman can help.

DUI Accident Legal Aid in Framingham

If you’ve been the victim of an accident caused by a driver who was operating their vehicle while under the influence, you might be wondering how to move forward and whether you have a valid legal claim for compensation. These are both questions an experienced DUI lawyer like Melanie Soloman can answer. In fact, The Law Office of Melanie Soloman can help ensure that you understand your legal rights as well as how you can expect the legal process to proceed.

We understand that you’re hurting right now, and we want to do everything we can take even a small bit of burden from your shoulders. Once you’ve seen a doctor about your injuries – something you should do right away even if you “feel fine” – consider reaching out to our knowledgeable staff to learn more about how a DUI attorney in Framingham can help.

Melanie Soloman is here to fight for your rights in court – reach out for a consultation today.

Courthouse Information:

Address: 225 Main St., Worcester, MA 01608

Phone: Clerk’s Office (508) 831-2010

Probation Department (508) 831-2000

Reviewer: Mike Stevenson

“I was picked up for a dui charge and wasn’t sure where to turn. I found attorney Soloman and I am lucky I did. I could tell right away I was in good hands, attorney Soloman was super knowledgeable and knew just how to handle my case. I was able to keep my license and my charges were significantly reduced!”