DUI Lawyer Worcester MA

DUI lawyer in Worcester MA

DUI Lawyer in Worcester MA

Melanie Soloman is an experienced DUI lawyer proudly serving Worcester, Massachusetts. Attorney Soloman never settles for anything less than her clients’ best interests. Combining a strong educational background that saw her attend Harvard University for her undergraduate degree and the Massachusetts School of Law for her Juris Doctorate with practical experience of over a decade, Attorney Soloman has the tools necessary to ensure you receive the legal care and compensation you deserve. Contact Us Today for a Case Evaluation! (508)-808-4944.

Experienced Worcester DUI Lawyer

Have you been falsely accused and charged for a DUI in Worcester MA? It is important to seek help from an experienced DUI attorney who understands how the system words as well as the damages to which you might be entitled. It can be difficult to navigate the confusing legal world alone – the Law Office of Melanie Soloman can help.

We know how hard it can be to gather your bearings after you’ve been arrested. Let a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Worcester MA like Melanie Soloman help. Our team can take the burden from your shoulders and enable you to focus on the most important goal – recovering your health – while we handle the legal aspect.

Where should I start?

If injured in a vehicle accident, the first thing you should do, even before contacting a DUI attorney, is seek medical care. It is vital that you receive treatment for your injuries as quickly as possible not only to help you feel better, but also to document the aftermath of the accident itself. Once you’ve consulted with medical professionals and have an idea about the extent of your injuries and what kind of long-term treatment you might be facing, make sure to write everything down and keep any paperwork you might receive before reaching out to a compassionate DUI lawyer who can help uphold your rights in court.

Let Attorney Soloman help you as you continue your journey to recovery. She can take a look at your case and determine what kind of compensation you might be entitled to receive and will argue passionately in your favor.

Courthouse Information:

Address: 225 Main St., Worcester, MA 01608

Phone: Clerk’s Office (508) 831-2010

Probation Department (508) 831-2000

Reviewer: Jessie Hall

“Melanie will fight hard for you and help you with the best possible outcome. She is reasonable with her fees and time to pay them. She is personable, fair, and passionate about her practice. I would highly recommend her to any family or friend. Thank you for everything.”