Motions for Temporary Orders

Motions for Temporary Orders

Upon the service of a summons on a Complaint for Divorce (not paternity), both parties are bound to a financial restraining order. The financial restraining order precludes both parties from depleting the marital estate and from incurring additional unnecessary debt against the marital estate.

In the early stages of a Complaint for Divorce or Complaint for Paternity, a Motion for Temporary Orders may be needed to ensure that you feel secure in the process. When the process begins, you wonder about child support or spousal support, payment of the household/credit card bills, parenting time, among other worries.  A divorce or paternity case can take months to resolve, therefore, a temporary order can offer interim financial relief and stability for the children as the case proceeds.

As an experienced divorce attorney, prior to filing a Motion for Temporary Orders, Attorney Soloman will meet with you and discuss the issues that require the court’s immediate attention.  Attorney Soloman will help you address key elements that pertain to your marriage.

Common Questions To Be Answered Via Temporary Order Include:

  • What is the monetary value of child support to be paid?
  • Which parent will have primary legal custody as well as physical custody of children from the marriage?
  • Who will have control of the marital home?
  • How will the mortgage and associated bills be paid?
  • Who will be responsible for credit card debt?

Violating Temporary Orders

Spouses or parents are required to follow the terms of the temporary order. If the other party is in violation of the order, a Complaint for Contempt can and should be filed on your behalf. Sanctions can then be ordered by the court to ensure that the other party follows the terms of the temporary order.

If you are filing for divorce or seeking a paternity order, Attorney Soloman is prepared you assist you through the process.  Contact the Law Office of Melanie Soloman to schedule a case evaluation.