Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)

The Law office of Melanie Soloman provides legal services in several areas including divorce/family law. In certain circumstances, a client may need legal guidance and assistance but not full representation. To assist clients who require legal guidance or limited legal service, the firm offers Limited Assistance Representation. No matter how minor the legal issue you have, having guidance and information will help to increase the outcome in your favor. It is never advisable to represent yourself in any administrative matter or legal proceeding. However, we understand that some individuals do not need or want full-time attorney services. Let us provide the LAR you need to help you further your case.

We offer legal help on a limited basis to ensure you have the resources and information needed to push your case forward. You will have access to professional assistance in the area you need, such as divorce, paternity, Complaints for Contempt, Complaints for Modification, and other family law related matters. Our help will allow you to take charge of your case in a manner that will increase the chances of a successful outcome.

What Does Limited Assistance Representation Provide?

With LAR, we can help with document preparation and stand by your side during a hearing to help provide you with insight into the process. We can work with you to explain what might occur during the proceedings as well as help you to be better prepared for a hearing or trial.

The attorney assigned to your matter can also explain any laws or statutes that may be of benefit to your case. Areas of assistance will be pre-established when you meet with the attorney to help you to become comfortable with and receive the amount of assistance you wish to have.

Having affordable guidance that you can trust is a must. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, divorce modifications, child custody issues or other family law needs, we can help. Don’t go through the process alone without legal assistance. Legal processes can be lengthy and confusing to individuals who have no understanding of the law. You may feel overwhelmed without the help of an expert. With our help, even in a LAR attorney capacity, you will have someone to help you understand the legal side of things so you do not feel overwhelmed, confused or stressed.

There are several ways you can use LAR for your legal needs. You have the option to consult with an attorney and review paperwork for your case, and then attend the hearing on your own. You can represent yourself during the case and consult with one of our attorneys from time to time for coaching on the law as well as procedures and strategy.

You can also do the preparation yourself and hire a lawyer to complete the court appearance for you. You can investigate the matter and complete the discovery portion and then ask an attorney to help you put the information together that would help in court.

If you are fighting a legal challenge and need Limited Assistance Representation, give our office a call. We are ready to provide you with information and resources to get the ball rolling in your case.