Mediation Lawyer MA


As an alternative to traditional divorce, many couples agree to use divorce mediation as a format of dissolving their marriage. At the Law Office of Melanie Soloman, we can help you avoid an exhausting and heartbreaking situation by utilizing divorce mediation as an alternative. An experienced divorce attorney can help you to resolve issues that a judge would normally decide, including child custody and support as well as parenting plans and asset division.

With our assistance, you can avoid long days in court, court orders that may not work for you/your family, increased legal costs, as well as your spouse’s attorney, who may be confrontational or aggressive. You also avoid any scrutiny from your family or spouse’s family members. Resources are used to emphasize cooperation during this process.

Put the Control in Your Hands

With divorce mediation, you are taking control in your hands. Unlike litigation, where judges rule on the outcome, mediation provides a resolution for the divorce based on the specific needs of the family. You will be able to maintain civility with your spouse and complete the process, even if you cannot get along. The firm’s trained staff will assist in assuring that appointments are scheduled for the purposes of ensuring that the case continues to progress and that all forms are properly completed by the client.

Mediators are in place to help protect your happiness and future financially. We will be able to help you and your spouse reach agreements on all issues so that the process can be finalized with ease, with everyone in agreement. When a divorce heads to court, the process is often lengthy as both spouses are after each other in some form or fashion.

With mediation, you know that the outcome is supposed to be positive for everyone involved and the mediators are there to promote a clear and smooth process. Both parties are to be heard and all areas of interest worked out so that everyone can feel good once the divorce has been finalized.

Benefits of Mediation

There are several benefits to using divorce mediation instead of litigation or a contested divorce. With mediation, you have a faster method that is less costly and one that reduces conflict. You both have agreed that mediation will be used to complete the divorce and know that you must work together to make decisions regarding your finances as well as with any children from the marriage.

Divorce mediation also protects your privacy during the process. With litigation, the process takes place in open setting as the court rooms are open to the public. Proceedings and hearings are public records and some of your personal details may be heard by friends, family members or strangers. With divorce mediation, the process takes place behind closed doors, so you can feel more comfortable about any personal details coming to light during the discussions.

If you are considering filing for divorce contact Attorney Melanie Soloman to learn more about the process. We can help you determine if divorce mediation is the proper route for you.

Forms of Mediation

If you are considering a mediated divorce, you have the option and the right to select an attorney to represent each party individually or one attorney to mediate the divorce.  If each party has his/her own lawyer, that lawyer can provide direct legal advice throughout the mediated process.  If one attorney mediates the divorce, the attorney provides guidance, information on the law, sample parenting arrangements, and document preparation.  An attorney who performs services as a mediator for both parties may not provide legal advice that is adversary to the other party.