Act Relative to Domestic Violence (August 2014)

On August 8, 2014, former Governor Deval Patrick enacted an Act Relative to Domestic Violence.  The Act changes the terms of negotiating a plea with the District Attorney and changes bail options depending on the nature of the domestic incident.  Click here to learn more about the change in the law and how it may affect you if you have  recently been changed with domestic assault and battery or a violation of a 209A restraining order.

Limited Assistance Representation

If you are pursuing a matter  in the Probate and Family Court and cannot afford traditional legal representation, consider hiring an attorney who is certified to offer Limited Assistance Representation.  Click here to learn more about this valuable and flexible option.

Civil Litigation

Consumers may seek legal remedy by filing a 93A Consumer Protection claim against a business that has misrepresented services, taken a fee without rendering services, breached a contract and other acts.  Learn more here about 93A Consumer Protection remedies.

Child Support Guidelines

The new child support guidelines were amended and went into effect on August 1, 2013.  You can review the new guidelines here and call my office to learn how the new guidelines may effect your current child support order.

Negotiating Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in the past or are familiar with the personal injury of a friend or family member, you are likely aware of the lengthly delays created by attorneys who prefer to litigate the case in court instead of engaging in meaningful negotiations with the insurance company.  With extensive experience in research and writing, Attorney Soloman draft letters that present your case in a very persuasive manner.  Attorney Soloman’s demand letters prepare the reader [insurance adjuster] by offering a brief statement of the incident, followed by a lengthly interpretation of your treatment, recovery, and potentially permanent disabling injuries, followed by a conclusion offering your final prognosis and a demand for damages.  Attorney Soloman’s demand letters have proven results in not only opening the door to negotiations, but to also acquire settlements in a shorter* period of time.

​*This abbreviated period of time is compared to the time it would take to fully litigate the claim.